There is of course a great sexualization of females and you may a celebration however regarding, you are aware, traditional femininity plus, you are sure that?

BONILLA: So i believe – “Soya Peor,” which had been one of is own earliest hits. And then he states they are changed, any kind of. But if you glance at the most recent album.

BONILLA: . Which is, like, an amazing tune on what it’s want to be a gorgeous young woman during the Puerto Rico, always harassed, exactly who just really wants to real time their lives.

We love exactly how he constantly talks into the Language with no shame

BONILLA: . You understand For example a beneficial – a tune regarding a lady direction that is thus beautiful. But – and you possess a song for example “Yo Zero Soya Celoso,” where he states, I am not saying a jealous type, however, who the newest heck will you be talking-to more than there? Having you to?

BONILLA: I do not want to be machista. And then he claims, such as for example, (how to speak spanish), such as for instance, I’m only planning to slap me personally, you realize?

BONILLA: You get the feeling of somebody that has such as for instance, this might be dangerous manliness, and that i don’t want to do it.

It’s that we merely like your

BONILLA: . You are sure that? So they are style of, such as for example, writing on the individuals thoughts. I do believe you to their tunes center ladies’ satisfaction. You know, therefore it is just regarding the ladies becoming stuff off male fulfillment. It is instance, your gorgeous, huge ass feels as though – you know – exactly what – every tunes regarding the women is not exactly how smart it are.

BONILLA: But generally it’s about, for example, exactly how stunning and how great she is within oral sex and you can such things as one to, you understand?

HUNTE: You understand, I was conversing with a pal regarding fact that, you understand, one of Puerto Ricans, everyone else phone calls him Benito. And that i is actually stating – you understand, she is such, well, which is his identity. And i are particularly, yeah, nonetheless it feels like you may be talking about their absolutely nothing relative. Such as for instance – (laughter) – as soon as you state Benito, it’s such as for instance, you are aware, your own little knucklehead relative outside. And i feel that’s part of one to, like, family, for example, you realize, that folks feel, instance, warmly sufficient that he is pretty good Rabbit always. They are Benito.

BONILLA: I had a pal whom told you, you are sure that, I simply getting – I’m like he or she is that relative whom made it larger and you may does not have any time for you to answer your text message anymore. However, you aren’t resentful ’cause you understand they are busy.

BONILLA: I do believe a lot of us, we think you to definitely expertise, partly just like the we realize their record and now we feel we learn your. For example, it is said for me – people say, oh, you happen to be a big enthusiast out of Bad Rabbit. I am including, it’s not one I am a partner.

BONILLA: But – therefore love how the guy represents all of us, exactly how they are usually very proud to-be Puerto Rican. Whenever they are inquired about it, their answers are energizing ’cause he states, you understand, gringo musicians and artists have done which forever. It travelling the country and you will cam in the English regardless of where they’ve been questioned. Therefore i take a trip the world and you will chat within the Language.

BONILLA: . So easy. Otherwise sing in the something different – for example he is still singing regarding, you are aware, going shopping from the regional shopping mall within the Puerto Rico or heading towards local seashore and you can visiting the west edge of the new isle. His words are so grounded on Puerto Rican lifestyle, but it resonate into the business, I do believe correctly because they are very authentic to help you a particular experience. Anyone apparently like it even if they aren’t away from Puerto Rico.

HUNTE: Yarimar, thanks a lot. This is particularly a great talk. I am so grateful that we surely got to cam.

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