X-Plane’s navigation maps can be found in a number of more types, every one of that is used in another situation

These routing maps are unwrapped from the showing up in ‘m’ key or clicking the new map marker icon about eating plan. You might select from about three other methods: VFR Sectional, IFR Low Enroute, and you may IFR Highest Enroute.

The latest VFR Sectional map is designed for explore significantly less than visual airline laws and regulations. The newest IFR Lower Enroute chart can be used while the a decreased height Instrument Trip Rules navigation chart from the piston (propeller) routes pilots. The latest IFR Higher Enroute map is basically exactly like the latest IFR Lower Enroute see, however it displays brand new average and you will higher level air way in place of low level of those. It only reveals all the info of interest to pilots flying more than 18,000 legs and utilizing vector air passage which can be far lengthened, based on larger VORs with lengthened range.

Hitting a keen airport assists you to get a hold of a different runway or finally approach, or examine information such as for instance climate and you may communication wavelengths

The latest maps give a lot of details about the bedroom where your own aircraft is situated, also geography and you may selectable NAVAIDs. For every map is made up of ticked, narrow black colored lines that make “boxes” technically titled “Quadrangles.” Per field is actually step 1/4 out-of a level of latitude and longitude. The latest thicker bluish and gray lines running along the maps was air passage, which happen to be generally such as for example freeways about heavens. Such vector airways are supplied brands (eg, V503) and tend to be employed by air-traffic regulation to assign clearances. The triangles collectively them are “fixes.”

Click on things on map for more information on they


Short flight terminals is actually conveyed because of the notched circles, while you are large flight terminals which have get due to the fact complete runway design. Airports revealed in blue on VFR sectional map has handle towers in the real life. Keep in mind that a discussion of navigational aids (NAVAIDs) of them charts (the ILS, VOR, and you will NDB beacons) can be found lower than, regarding section “Progressive Manner of Routing.”

To move your take a look at to a map, you might click the chart and you may drag. You can also zoom inside and outside that with their mouse search wheel. In addition, you can use the brand new viewing manage buttons found in the top left place of your map window to evolve your own have a look at. Utilize the and otherwise minus icons to help you zoom into the otherwise out respectively.

Tap the prospective icon in order to cardiovascular system the scene into the aircraft. This will as well as lock brand new chart check on the aircraft very that as you travel, the fresh new chart tend to browse beneath it and the aircraft will continue to be throughout the heart. Drag anyplace to the chart to break the brand new secure. Faucet brand new arrow symbol to change if the the top of map is actually Northern and/or aircraft’s going. Within this next circumstances, whether your flat try traveling southern, the top of the latest chart could be southern area. In the event your plane banks toward eastern, the chart commonly instantly become and you can eastern tend to today be on better.

Eg, if you just click your own aircraft, this new Inspector box often appear with its identity, going, height, rate, and go up position, many of which it is possible to edit from inside the fresh new screen. Simply click a good NAVAID like an effective VOR to help you tune radios that have a click the link of an option.

From the right side of one’s map window you could changes what’s showed to your chart. In the “Layers” part you should use the fresh miss down menus to exhibit cinch or clouds and you can rain immediately with the map. You can examine the newest boxes to help you toggle the latest trip roadway, a compass flower as much as their routes, or even disable downwind ILS beacons.

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